My wife and I worked with Carol Eisenstein during the purchase of our first home. She worked with us from the initial stages of house hunting, through closing, for a total of about 4 months. It was wonderful working with Carol, She had a good sense of what we were looking for, and frequently sent us e-mails with new listings to consider. We visited many homes with her, both in the evenings and on weekends. Whenever we needed her, she was available. I know she was working with other clients at the time, but she always had her phone nearby when we had questions, and was very flexible with her schedule so we could visit homes when most convenient for our schedule.

While visiting homes, she had many good suggestions, and always followed up to get our questions answered. House hunting is stressful; we had a lot of questions, and often had strong opinions about what we liked and strongly desired. She was always supportive of our requests, while still remaining realistic. If she ever disagreed with us, she had the most tactful and respectful way of voicing her thoughts. We were never at odds with her, and felt that she really was trying to help us find the house WE wanted.

She was very patient. She never seemed overwhelmed by our questions and didn't push us into making a decision. We feel she represented us very fairly, and felt she was strongly interested in making us happy, NOT in just making a sale.

When it came time to make an offer and negotiate, she was very helpful as we structured our offer, giving us insights into what the seller might be thinking. We also used several of her referrals for other parts of the process (legal, inspection), which went very well.

We would definitely work with Carol again in the future, and would highly recommend her to others.